Singapore slams door shut

SINGAPORE, 24 March 2020: Effective Monday, Singapore closed its borders to all short term visitors from around the world including those who intended to transit through Changi Airport a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia.

As of 23 March, Singapore accumulated 455 cases of Covid-19 of which two people died, and 144 were discharged after treatment.

The latest restrictions should reduce the risk of infection from foreigners while releasing resources to treat Singaporeans. It will also impact on thousands of passengers from around Southeast Asia who use Singapore’s airport to transfer to flights to third countries.

Previously, with the exception of a few high-risk countries, short-term visitors could enter Singapore, although they were subject to a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival.

All Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long term pass holders returning to Singapore will be issued a 14-day SHN. Persons under SHN must remain in their place of residence at all times.

The Singapore-Malaysia Special Working Committee has agreed that Malaysians with Singapore work permits will continue to be able to work in Singapore during this period, with appropriate accommodation arrangements. The transport of all types of goods between Malaysia and Singapore will also be facilitated.