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MALE, The Maldives, 8 November 2019: The Sanskrit word for ocean, Meera, is also the name of the excellent spa at Gili Lankanfushi. The over-water sanctuary boasts a calming, open view of the breathtaking ocean—the perfect backdrop to indulge in Meera Spa’s range of restorative experiences, including meditation, reiki, and ancient singing bowl sessions to ease the mind and body into a state of complete relaxation.

In recent years, the spa has also regularly invited Visiting Practitioners to introduce guests to ever more holistic and progressive healing therapies.

During our visit, Hpaper had the chance to meet with wellness expert Deniz Susever, who is known for her work in underwater yoga. Incidentally, Deniz’s name also means ‘sea waterlover’ in her native language. A picture of poise and grace, Deniz became fascinated with the healing powers of water when she was working with handicapped divers over 20 years ago.

This realisation led her to become a yoga teacher, and she has spent the last 12 years practising Vipassanā meditation—a way of seeing things as they are.

According to Deniz, every person has five ‘bodies’: creative, mental, emotional, energetic and physical. For a person to feel whole, these bodies need to work in harmony with one another. An intuitive way to do this, Deniz says, is to “allow yourself to be like a child again. Sing, laugh and dance. Let your inner child express joy. Be free.”

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