EXO offers carbon neutral holidays

BANGKOK, 27 November 2019: EXO Travel, one of Asia’s leading destination management companies is taking a leap forward in its sustainable efforts by offering carbon neutral holiday offsets to all their guests for a small fee.

This is on top of their current carbon offset plan and other longterm commitments to support responsible tourism initiatives.

To succeed with its “Carbon Neutral Holidays” programme, EXO Travel is working with partner organisations such as Bookdifferent.com, a social enterprise based in the Netherlands.

The system monitors hotels that are working with EXO Travel to provide them with an estimate of their carbon footprint, so that seek further improvements to reduce it.

The travel firm’s carbon offset strategy started in 2016. Now it is taking the next step that not only sets a high benchmark for its own sustainable efforts but also identifies the way forward for the company’s supply chain and clients.

But carbon offsetting goes much further to minimise the negative impact of transport and tours.

EXO Travel has appointed a team of six dedicated Sustainability Coordinators working full time to monitor and improve performance, especially with ground transportation.

The goal is to upgrade tours, so they have “coherent itineraries that take into consideration flights and optimisation of motorised vehicles.

Other objectives include promoting trains and public transport whenever feasible because it is an experience for travellers, but also it reduces the carbon footprint.

EXO Travel emphasised in its latest update that it is now “working hand-in-hand with the supply chain, especially hotels and transport companies to tackle the pressing issues of energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing and purchasing, food and plastic waste.”

Having started its carbon offset strategy in 2016, the company now says this is the time to take it to the next level by not only holding themselves to a high standard but also the supply chain and even clients to encourage them to pay into the carbon offset programme and contribute to projects that preserve and protect the destinations visited.

EXO Travel stresses that, by putting initiatives like this on the forefront of their tour offerings, and through work with NGOs, local stakeholders and overseas agents, they can channel tourism revenue into projects that encourage the preservation of natural habitats and ecosystems.

Through their new Carbon Neutral Holiday Initiative, the company is optimistic that it can boost funding which will go towards supporting forest management projects (through purchasing carbon credits certified by Plan Vivo) and planting mangrove trees in Indonesia (seven trees per tonne of carbon).