Dolphin campaigners target Expedia

SINGAPORE, 14 November 2019: World Animal Protection is campaigning to force Expedia Group to end promotions and sales of dolphin shows worldwide.

The organisation’s website, as of 13 November, shows over 13,500 signatures that support the call for the global booking site to remove dolphin shows from its system.  However, in the email statement, WAP said more than 100,000 people had signed the petition to Expedia.

WAP claims it has already convinced Virgin Holidays, TripAdvisor, and even British Airways to stop selling tickets to dolphin entertainment.

It now says  Expedia should follow suit.

It’s blurb asking for more signatures states “Don’t be fooled by a smile: dolphins in captivity are suffering silently in the name of entertainment. Expedia Group calls this family fun. We call it cruelty.”

The statement continues  “Expedia Group would have you believe that dolphins in captivity are happy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Captive dolphins are separated from their mothers far too young

They are confined in tanks 200,000 times smaller than their natural home and deprived of food so they can be trained.”

WAP calls dolphin entertainment and shows an industry based on lies.

“The multi-billion-dollar captive dolphin industry wants you to think dolphins enjoy their confinement. They rely on a quirk of nature – the shape of a dolphins’ face – and years of misinformation.

“While many travel companies have joined our movement, Expedia Group is still selling tickets to these cruel venues, and profiting from this cruel multi-billion dollar industry.”

It estimates there are around 3,000 dolphins worldwide in captivity.

See the report, ‘Behind the Smile’.