Delhi the cheapest city for day touring

LONDON, 7 November 2019: Eight of the top 10 cheapest cities to explore in the space of 24 hours are in Asia, with Delhi in India topping the list.

Just two destinations outside of Asia —  Prague, Czech Republic (7), and Barcelona Spain (10) — made it to the top 10 list.

Insurance provider Columbus Direct analysed the most popular cities in the world for tourists to visit using a series of metrics to determine an overall score revealing the cheapest destinations to visit for 24 hours.

The study, released, Wednesday, looked at the cost of a hop-on hop-off bus tour, the number of free attractions and things to do that cost UKP25 and under, as well as researching the average price of a beer, the cost of a taxi (per km) and the number of cheap eats.

Delhi, India took the top spot as the cheapest city with the cost of a hop-on hop-off bus at just UKP11.60. The city also has 438 free attractions and the average beer costs just UKP1.47

On the survey index, Delhi scored the highest at 74 out of a maximum of 100 points, followed by Kuala Lumpur in second place with an index score of 68.

Contrary to the popular assumption that Bangkok is the ultimate bargain, the Thai capital wasn’t the cheapest option. It came in third with a score of 65.

To put the study in perspective, London ranked the 15th cheapest city to explore. The UK capital holds the second-highest number of cheap eats and the third-highest number of free attractions at 2,135.

Tokyo has the highest number of free attractions at a whopping 5,864. Paris follows in second place with 2,768.

The top 10 cheapest cities to explore around the world include:



Overall Score


Delhi, India



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Bangkok, Thailand



Seoul, South Korea



Taipei, Taiwan



Shanghai, China



Prague, Czech Republic



Singapore, Singapore



Agra, India



Barcelona, Spain


The study noted that  Delhi is an Asian destination that can be travelled with ease “without having to worry about your funds”. The downside for Delhi travellers is more likely to be the air pollution crisis than prices, particularly during this time of the year.

Prague won the distinction of being the cheapest city to explore in Europe and ranked seventh on the top 10 global list.

It sports 1,000 cheap eats, as well as 1,059 free attractions. The eastern European city is a good choice for tourists seeking refreshment during a day of sightseeing, as it serves some of the world’s best beer at just UKP1.42.

Commenting on the study, Columbus Direct travel insurance expert Stuart Lloyd said: “The world’s most popular tourist cities vary significantly in culture, landscape and most importantly, cost to explore. It’s important for tourists to research the costs to visit different destinations to ensure they can enjoy their trip to the fullest,  without worrying about breaking the bank.”

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