Dates set for Angkor trail race

SIEM REAP, 7 November 2019: Heading for its fifth edition the annual Angkor Ultra-Trail in Siem Reap, Cambodia, has confirmed the 2020 dates.

The organiser of the event SDPO confirmed the popular endurance event will take place 18 to 19 January 2020.

Based on this year’s count, the organiser estimates around 1000 participants from 42 different countries will join what is billed as one of the world’s most extraordinary race trails.

The 4th edition of the Angkor Ultra-trail attracted more than 800 participants from 40 countries.

SDPO promotes the event as the only race “allowed to run in the middle of the cultural site.”

It is also the only “ultra-race” in Cambodia, endorsed by the Ministry of Culture and the Cambodian National Olympic Committee.

Founded by Jean Claude Le Cornec and his team, the event covers five distances, 16 km, 32km, trail marathon 42km, 64km and the 128km Ultra Trail.

Jean Claude le Cornec who established the iconic “the Angkor Ultra Trail” is the founder of Sports Development and Performance Organisation (SDPO) that owns and manages the event with partner Phoenix Voyages.

The race follows a course that weaves around several  temple sites, against the backdrop of hills as well as the impressive landscape of rice fields, forests and villages.

Races are also open to athletes adopting the Nordic walking discipline, an outdoor sports activity consisting of an accelerated walk aided by walking sticks, usually made of composite material.

Phoenix Voyages associate director, Link Tuan Le, and partner of SDPO, provides support services and is the lead partner to drive international participation in the event.

Linh Tuan through his contacts, played a key role in obtaining the authorisation for the race to take place in close proximity to the archaeological site of Angkor.

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