Travelbag maps sustainable travel spots

SINGAPORE, 29 October 2019: Travelbag, a UK tour operator, has launched an interactive map of the world to show travellers how they can preserve and protect the places they visit.

Responsible travel – the idea that a traveller respects the place they’re visiting and helps to sustain that destination’s future – has established itself as mainstream interest in travel.

Travelbag introduces a tool that promises to make holidays more sustainable. It goes beyond carbon offsetting to inspire travellers to give back to the destination they’re visiting in a responsible way.

With the introduction of the Responsible Travel Map, Travelbag encourages tourists to get involved to help the local environment in a tangible way – such as a plastic pick-up on the beach – or something that will give back to and support the local community – like contributing some time to a local volunteering project.

Travelbag managing director, Lesley Rollo said: “This map brings those two things together by showing the many ways we’ve found that customers can give back to the countries they’re visiting. We want it to inspire and inform customers to put some time aside on their trip to support communities and countries playing host to them.”

The interactive map allows users to explore different destinations around the world, clicking on the icons within countries to reveal a multitude of different experiences and activities, from spending a day on a farm in Bali helping with crop production and supporting local farmers, to snorkelling around Australia’s coral reefs monitoring the status of coral species for ongoing conservation records.

Travelbag has no affiliation with any of the experiences or activities listed, and responsibility lies with the customer to book the experience or activity separately from Travelbag.

Travelbag founded 40 years ago in the UK offers travellers adventure travel options beyond the confines of the traditional package holiday.

To explore the map, please click here.