Thailand weather warning

BANGKOK, 29 October 2019: Severe weather conditions are forecast for Thailand this week according to Thailand Meteorological Department.

In an announcement posted on its website 28 October, the TMD warned of “Variable weather in upper Thailand and heavy rain in the southern region” through to 1 November.

It reported the arrival of intense high-pressure from China that will cover upper Thailand, causing thunderstorms and wind gusts in some areas.

Temperatures will decrease due to the winds and TMD forecasts mild to cool weather across North and Northeast Thailand. Temperatures could drop 2-4 degrees Celsius.

As for the central and eastern regions, including Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, temperatures are expected to drop by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius.

People living in hill country areas in the North should be prepared for more drastic drops in temperature.

As the northeast monsoon prevails over the Gulf and southern Thailand, isolated heavy rain is forecast with wind-wave in the Gulf of Thailand intensifying. Waves could reach 2 meters high in some places. All ships in the Gulf of Thailand should proceed with caution, the TMD warned.

The strong low-pressure cell covers the lower west coast of the Philippines is expected to intensify into a depression, but will move into the South China Sea over the next couple of days and should not impact on Thailand.

For more information, visit the TMD website