RV Kanee Pandaw sets sail

YANGON, 8 October 2019: Pandaw, a river cruise specialist in Asia, confirmed its newest ship RV Kanee Pandaw is ready to sail from the Mandalay shipyard in Myanmar.

Completed in less than six months by the Pandaw inhouse construction team, the vessel features 14 staterooms, an open plan saloon area and an open deck space for relaxing and dining.

With a draft of just 80 cm, this vessel can ply the remote rivers of Upper Burma as well as the mainstream Irrawaddy between Rangoon and Mandalay.

It is the 20th ship built by Pandaw and will embark on its maiden 18 November for a Yangon- Mandalay cruise covering 14 days.

The river cruise starts in Yangoon, taking in the sights of Prome on the edge of the Delta before heading for Mandalay and Mingun.

Daily stops include visits to the World Heritage town of Bagan with its 3,000 pagodas an religious monuments, and Mandalay famed for its replica royal palace the home of the country’s last king, a hillside viewpoint and city sights on the banks of the Irrawaddy River.

The 14-day cruise rates start at USD5,391 and USD5,792 for members.

RV Kanee Pandaw also sails in the opposite direction starting in Mandalay and ending in Yangon. The trip takes 10 days.

A seven-night cruise priced at USD1,905.30 or USD1,693.60 for members features the Irrawaddy Delta and starts in Yangon port and capital of Myanmar from 1886 to 2005.

The trip’s highlight is a stop at a rice market town of Bassein.

The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company by the 1920s operated over 100 creek steamers across the Delta connecting these towns and villages at a time when there were neither roads nor bridges. The seven-day cruise follows in their wake.