New date for Royal Barge procession

BANGKOK, 22 October 2019: The Royal Coronation of King Rama X – the Royal Barge Procession – has been rescheduled to Thursday 12 December the Tourism Authority of Thailand confirmed last Friday.

The event was originally set for Thursday, 24 October, but government officials said trial sailings of the barges on the river demonstrated tides and weather conditions were not favourable.

The  Government Public Relations Department (PRD) quoted Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, saying that following 10 rehearsals and one full-dress rehearsal the government concluded that the weather and river conditions could cause difficulties for the Procession on the 24 October.

His Majesty the King subsequently approved a new schedule for the Royal Barge Procession starting at 1530 on 12 December.

“The formation of the Royal Barge Procession will remain unchanged and still be as grand and spectacular as originally planned. Another full-dress rehearsal will be held 21 October 2019, according to the PRD’s statement.

The Royal Barge Procession will take place along the Chao Phraya River, for a distance of 3.4 km from the Wasukri Pier to the Ratchaworadit Pier.

The Procession will take about 45 minutes and consists of 52 ceremonial barges, including four royal barges: the Suphannahong, or Golden Swan, the Anantanakkharat, or multi-headed Naga the Anekkachatphutchong, or innumerable Naga figures and the Narai Song Suban King Rama IX.

Meanwhile, the Culture Minister, Itthiphol Khunpluem, told the National News Bureau at the weekendÇ  that an exhibition on the royal barge procession on the occasion of the coronation ceremonies 2019, will be organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office at Sanam Luang from 25  October to 11 November 11, 2019. The prime minister is scheduled to preside over the opening ceremony of the exhibition on 24 October.

The exhibition will have four sections. The first section features coronation ceremonies from past to present via a LED screen, with a Braille presentation for the blind and an electronic library.

The second section is an exhibition detailing aspects of the four royal barges; singing on board the barges by navy personnel; art and cultural performances from the four regions of the country and Ramayana Khon performance.

The third section is for the display of waterfall curtains with a light and sound expo featuring Thai people’s traditional way of life in relation to water, the royal barge procession and His Majesty the King’s activities.

The fourth section features delicious Thai food and the distinctive Thai lifestyle.

(Source: TAT and National News Bureau)