Hotelbeds certified carbon neutral

PALMA, Spain, 15 October 2019: A leading hotel booking website, Hotelbeds, has been certified for the second consecutive year as a Carbon Neutral Organisation by Cabon Footprint.

Carbon Neutral Organisation by Cabon Footprint Ltd is an independent body that accredits carbon management measurements and best practices for businesses, by offsetting companies CO2 emissions.

Business travel is the primary culprit amassing carbon emissions debits for the company. To compensate the company imposes a self-imposed fine on every business flight taken by its employees.

The funds collected support carbon-neutral projects have supported projects in Brazil and India.

In 2018 the funds raised from this programme were donated to the Portel-Pará Deforestation Project, which is located within Brazil’s Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on the planet, to prevent unplanned deforestation.

In 2019 Hotelbeds will help to fund a Renewable Energy Project in India, that manages the installation of solar panels in the country.

As part of the certification process, carbon emission calculations, including energy and paper consumptions, waste management, business travel and water supply, were completed by Hotelbeds, using metrics devised by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Carbon Footprint Ltd has also successfully completed a verification of the carbon footprint assessment for Hotelbeds Group. This included spot-checking source data from across the group as well as reviewing the overall methodology.

 Hotelbeds corporate sustainability head Teresa Laso said: “ We have also developed guidelines and a communication campaign to help employees implement the new environmental policy, including practical tips on how to reduce environmental consumption at work and to raise awareness of climate change and how it relates to Hotelbeds.

Hotelbeds provides over 180,000 hotels across the globe and offers hoteliers access to a network of over 60,000 B2B travel buyers such as tour operators, retail travel agents, airline websites, and loyalty schemes.

Hotelbeds also the world’s largest B2B seller of travel ancillaries, offering 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities, as well as attractions, tickets and car hire.