Helping kids beat inflight boredom

SINGAPORE, 4 October 2019: Singaporean children suffer an attack of boredom about 90 minutes after a take-off an Emirates survey reveals.

The survey identifies the quirky travel trends, habits and concerns of Singaporean families and right up top is the boredom factor that kicks-in on long-haul flights.

Commissioned by Emirates, the YouGov survey revealed that it takes an average of 90 minutes for Singaporean children, who are under 16, to get bored on long-haul flights.

Other key findings showed that children’s comfort came out top for 67% of those surveyed, followed by keeping them entertained (62%) and asleep (49%).

To counter restlessness, 63% of parents in Singapore use inflight entertainment as a means to distract their children.

Bribery techniques such as allowing their children to snack on candies and chocolate (60%) in exchange for good behaviour have also been used to maintain peace.

Other tried and tested methods of distraction for parents include employing electronic devices (58%), requesting for children activity kits (49%), or bringing along their child’s favourite toy or book (48%) to help beat the boredom.

However, it’s not just bribery and books that parents resort to when flying long haul with their children.

Interestingly, 28% prefer taking their children on walks around the plane. In terms of what kids want, the findings reveal they prefer spending their time watching cartoons (65%) and movies (65%) or sleeping (64%) to keep themselves occupied during long haul flights.

While the thought of flying with children to far-off climes can send parents into near panic mode, discounts for children (60%), priority boarding (59%), and the availability of children’s meals (52%) may increase a parent’s willingness to travel with their young kids.

Having supportive cabin crew (52%) and special seats for families (52%) were also other considerations that would entice parents to fly with their children.

As part of Emirates’ commitment to look after families onboard, Emirates also offers a dedicated online platform for family travel, a one-stop-shop where Singaporean families can find travel tips and ideas to help them travel smarter and better with children.

Families travelling with Emirates can enjoy perks both on ground and onboard.

Young fliers can now beat the boredom with Emirates’ extensive collection of Disney favourites, TV shows and popular cartoons, all available to watch on its award-winning entertainment system, ice.

Ice that features up to 150 special kids’ channels enables young travellers to let their imaginations soar as they enjoy delicious movie snacks like fruits, chocolate bars, pizza and popcorn.

Parents looking for alternative sources of entertainment for their children can also make use of Emirates’ exclusive Fly With Me Animal toys and Lonely Planet activity kits. Children below two years old can choose from an extensive selection of plush toys, ranging from Lewis the Lion, Peek U the Panda, Ernie the Penguin and Savannah the Elephant.

Meanwhile, older children can enjoy Lonely Planet activity kits, which contain educational books, amazing world facts and other creative craft activities to inspire and excite.

To combat hunger pangs, children can choose from a selection of healthy meals, specially designed for young palates.

Parents travelling with infants can also order baby meals for their little ones, or request for cabin crew to help with food and bottle warming.

As a bonus, families with infants or babies are also entitled to carry up to 10kg of extra checked baggage and hand luggage at no additional cost.

When travelling to Dubai, families can make use of complimentary Emirates strollers, making it easier for parents and young ones to navigate the airport.

The Dubai International Airport also features a Kids Zone, where children can watch movies, play with interactive screens and have fun in a dedicated climbing area.

Onboard all Emirates flights, parents of toddlers can also request for special amenity kits containing essential items such as diapers, bibs, lotion and wipes. With this aspect taken care of by Emirates, parents can rejoice at not having to bring in their own hand luggage as well.