Air Asia group on sustainable list

BANGKOK, 21 October, 2019: Asia Aviation PCL. (AAV) has been listed as one of the 98 companies in the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) list in 2019.

Established by the  Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) the list contains 98 listed companies that have logged THB11.3 trillion worth of market capitalisation as of 15 October 2019, or equivalent to 65.26% of the total market capitalisation.

AAV is categorised in the third group of listed THSI firms with the market capitalisation worth between THB10,000 and THB30,000 million.

AAV is a holding company and the majority shareholder of 55% shares of Thai AirAsia Co Ltd, a low-cost carrier and aviation business.

AAV chief executive officer, Santisuk Klongchaiya and Thai AirAsia Co Ltd said: “Being listed for the first time on the THSI is a rewarding milestone, reflecting the DNA of the low-cost carrier that encourages efficient collaboration, consistent innovation, revenue maximisation and brand enhancement, all under an umbrella of effective cost-management, as well as placing attention on managing various risks which may affect both internal and external business operation.

“We have a policy and operational framework that are responsible for minimising the impact that we cause to our stakeholders across economic, social and environmental dimensions. This is our commitment to continually and sustainably grow our business.”

THSI listed firms must answer a 19-category questionnaire covering economic (including governance), society and environmental dimensions. The focus of the survey is to evaluate a company’s sustainable practices, including policy directions, goals and targets, practical application of strategies, returns and transparency. Businesses listed on THSI must achieve a score above 50% in all dimensions to be considered qualified.