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Phuket features in Michelin Guide


BANGKOK, 27 September 2019: Food lovers and fans of the Michelin Guide will be able to enjoy the latest edition this November that packs the best restaurants in Bangkok and beyond.

The third edition of the famous culinary guide will announce the first-ever three-star Michelin rated restaurant in Thailand. Three stars denote exceptional cuisine worthy of a visit by foodies who love to taste the very best.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand supports the Michelin Guide for five years through to 2021. It provides a comprehensive international food certification guide to the best restaurants in the kingdom that present Thailand as a top-tier gastronomy destination.

In the first edition of Michelin Guide Thailand released in 2017, 14 restaurants in Bangkok gained one star and three restaurants, two stars.

Meanwhile, the second edition extended its scope to cover the southern Thai provinces. The guide rated 23 restaurants one-star, while four restaurants earned two stars.

Until now, about 214 restaurants have been listed including Micheline starred restaurants and eateries which received Bib Gourmand and The Plate Micheline certifications.

This year, Thailand’s southern provinces successfully established themselves in the restaurant hall of fame.

Among those 23 one-star restaurants, Phuket’s first Michelin star restaurant, PRU, was recognised for its high-quality cooking. The restaurant serves a type of cuisine that is founded on European traditions but influenced by the exotic, regional cuisine.

Altogether, 37 restaurants in Phuket and six in Phang-Nga are recommended in the guidebook including restaurants with The Plate and Bib Gourmand certifications.

Before the Michelin Guide, Phuket’s gastronomy received recognition by UNESCO and gained a place in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a “City of Gastronomy” in 2015.

According to UNESCO, Phuket’s food culture is seen as a pillar for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and has benefitted from rich cultural and knowledge exchanges. It is the first city in Thailand and ASEAN to be listed in the network.

Phuket food plays a big part in the island’s rich culture and is spotlighted in festivals held annually on the island.

Well-known festivals which feature Phuket’s food including long-established events such as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival held late September to early October and Phuket Old Town festival held in the historical centre of the town in February.

There are also culinary events, which reflect the diversity of Phuket’s food such as Phuket Food Festival, Phuket Seafood Festival, Phuket Lobster Festival, and Phuket Andaman Halal Expo.

A survey conducted in 2017 by Graduate School of Tourism Management NIDA showed that the most recommended Phuket’s local recipes, introduced to tourists by local guides and chefs, were Mee Hokkien or stir-fried Hokkien noodles (57.9%), Oh Eaew or an icy dessert with gelatinous cubes (26.3%) , Moo Hong or Phuket style Pork Stew (21.1%), and a famous Phuket’s style appetiser called Loba or deep-fried pot-strewed pork (18.4%). 

The authentic characteristics of Phuket’s local recipes reflect the island’s cultural diversity, as Phuket had been a trading hub of the Malay Peninsula for more than four centuries.

Phuket cuisine is predominantly influenced by Peranakan culinary culture, established by Chinese Hokkien settlers since the tin mining era.

The famous Mee Hokkien shop, “Mee Ton Poe” is also listed in the Michelin Guide, certified by The Plate classification which awards a restaurant that serves a good meal with carefully prepared fresh ingredients.

It’s been said that nothing else brings people together like good food. The Michelin Guide adds more reason for visitors to explore the food culture of Phuket. 

During the first six months of this year, 4,989,546 international tourists visited the island. Many of them discovered new dining experiences on the island and they will surely pass on their recommendations to friends and relatives.

Whether your next meal in Phuket is recommended by Michelin Guide, a local chef, or a friend, Phuket can offer a food culture that suits every taste and is well worth the journey.

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