PATA: Extra mile in fiscal transparency

BANGKOK, 19 September 2019: Leaders of the Pacific Travel Association and its foundation are going the extra mile in the name of transparency.

PATA’s CEO Mario Hardy messaged TTR Weekly at the weekend to confirm the association has posted five years of US Tax filings on its website under the category About PATA – US Tax Filings.

The list appears on a dropdown menu below the tab for PATA Annual Reports.

The financial returns (form 990) are filed with the US Internal Revenue Service annually, and reports for 2013 to 2017 are now available for inspection on the PATA website and can also be downloaded. The 2018 filing should be uploaded later this year.

Hardy was responding to a TTR Weekly report earlier this month that noted the association no longer posted its annual US tax filing on the website for public inspection.

US rules for non-profit association require them to provide copies of the annual filings on request, but the IRS recommends that associations post the forms on their websites to demonstrate transparency.

Hardy said the absence of US Tax Filings was due to an oversight, “when we upgraded the web site a while back and forgot to load them back. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.”

Meanwhile, the trustees of the PATA Foundation, an entirely separate non-profit association to PATA that is responsible for its own US Tax Filings with the IRS, confirmed the 2013 to 2017 reports would be available on its website this November.

The foundation posted the US Tax Forms for 2010 to 2012 without any further updates.

A trustee told TTR Weekly all US Tax Filings were forwarded by PATA’s financial team last week.

Like PATA, the foundation is migrating its website to an easier to update an online platform. The new platform goes live in November and all the US Tax Filings up to 2017 will be available for public inspection online.


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