An Insiders’ trip to Colombia

SINGAPORE, 12 September 2019: Trafalgar has announced a new “Colombia Rediscovered” trip with the latest release of its 2020 Latin America trips, now featuring 13 itineraries across eight countries.

The Colombia itinerary offers travellers an insider look of Colombia, tagged one of the world’s hottest emerging destinations, where guests will experience iconic attractions and learn about its indigenous people.

The 13-day trip’s signature event is the “Be My Guest” opportunity to meet one of Colombia’s leading anthropologist, Dr Santiago Giraldo and some members from one of the country’s local indigenous mountain tribes.

Minister of Tourism for Colombia, Julian Guerrero, gives Trafalgar a commercial plug saying the tour operator has done “extensive work to really understand our country and show the very best of it… If someone were to make this trip on their own, it would probably take longer It would cost more.”

For travellers concerned about their safety in Colombia, Minister Gurrero said; “The negative perception of Colombia is mostly regarding what happened three decades ago. Colombia has changed dramatically, and the continuous growth in tourism for the past 15 years in double digits will hopefully reassure anyone considering to visit that Colombia is now a top destination.”

The trip’s highlight is the ‘Be My Guest’ lunch with Colombia’s leading anthropologist, Dr Santiago Giraldo which will offer a rare cultural encounter and also an opportunity to members of one of the local indigenous mountain tribes that Giraldo has worked with for decades.

Trafalgar’s parent company’s not-for-profit foundation TreadRight is offering direct support to Dr Giraldo’s work with the ProSierra Nevada Santa Marta Foundation.

With three departures to Colombia for 2020 already sold out, Trafalgar’s ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ Real Travel Deals on worldwide trips helps ensure travellers enjoy the best deals and choice selection of trips when they book early.

Prices for “Colombia Rediscovered” start from USD 4,1071 after 10% early payment discounts, based on twin share, and includes two internal flights within Colombia.

Other popular trips to South America include the eight-days “Highlights of Peru” (Prices after discount from USD 2,041) and the 14-day “South America Landscapes” visiting Argentina, Brazil and Chile (Prices after discount from USD 4,368).

For more information on the trip, visit (Source: Trafalgar)