URTRIP takes a different path

BANGKOK, 8 August 2019: URTRIP-Thailand, a new in-destination specialist, officially launched services this week after three months of beta-testing.

Founded by Kunnika Tuinaphiang, a tourism specialist with a background in hotels, the start-up travel firm will concentrate on promoting travel to secondary destinations in Thailand.

URTRIP-Thailand makes a point of saying it will not organise trips that involve elephant riding camps, crocodile shows, tiger petting experiences or attractions where animals are sedated and subject to cruel training regimes.

Focusing on secondary destinations its tours highlight the northern town of Lampang about 100 km south of the gateway destination of Chiang Mai. Most of URTRIP-Thailand trips depart from Chiang Mai.

“We are keen to expand the list of off-the-beaten-track destinations within the next two or three months with the intention of having 20 to 30 tours that go beyond the usual top 20 things to do in Thailand,” said Kunnika, the company’s COO.