The Surfer, The Surfboard, And The Sea

MALE, Maldives, 30 August 2019: The late John Severson, an eminent pioneer of modern surf culture, who also created paintings, films, and photographs depicting the joys of surfing, observed that “in this crowded world, the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts”.

Although one might not immediately associate the Maldives with surfing, the Maldivian waters can cater to both beginners and professionals. There are lots of different waves for different levels of expertise and experience. Every wave, every ocean, gives a surfer a different feeling.

The Maldivian waters cater to surfing enthusiasts of all levels of expertise and experience.

With the wind in the face and sea beneath the feet, surfers embrace the present, leaving behind all things important and unimportant. What is now is all that matters. The reflexive instinct to adapt to the changing seas brings about intensity and focus that in turn, instils a certain calmness. It’s just the surfer, the surfboard, and the sea. In the state of being active, alert, and intent on balance, body and mind become one in the vast, untameable ocean.

Surfing brings about a focus that instils calmness.

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