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BANGKOK, 6 August 2019: Food is always at the centre of Thai everyday life, especially when friends and family get together.

At the family dining table pride of place goes to the indispensable steamed rice served with an impressive array of dishes. The selection may include meat, vegetable and egg dishes, coconut curry and mildly seasoned soup. They are supported by a colourful variety of condiments such as chilli paste with fresh herbs, to complete a nutritional meal for everyone to share.

Of course, no meal is complete without something sweet. Dessert time is always a joyful time shared around a table with family and friends.

In days gone by, Thais spent almost the entire day concentrating on food-related activities. Those in charge of cooking would wake up before sunrise to buy fresh ingredients from the local market and prepare the food for cooking. Also, shortly after dawn, families would offer freshly cooked food as alms to the monks a familiar Buddhist ritual to purify the mind through the act of sharing and opening the heart to the needs of others.

Now, during the digital age, the pace is much faster, and we appear to be tied to our digital devices for the entire day. Not so, Thais still spend considerable time in the kitchen, even if the mobile phone is close by.

A survey conducted by Euromonitor last year showed that of the THB8.8 trillion spent on consumer expenses in 2016, Thais spent 21.2% or THB1.8 trillion on food. Surrounded by an abundance of delicious food, we engage in eating and snacking pursuits at least seven times a day – literally morning, noon and night and more.

“Eat Local: Locallicious” “Eat Thai, Visit Thai”

At the roots of our lifestyle and culture, food constitutes the core, a sturdy foundation. Food is also a great storyteller about our way of life, a true ambassador that explains the concept of Thainess through sight, taste, smell and touch.

Pad Thai

To confirm this fascination, the Tourism Authority of Thailand uses gastronomy tourism as a bridge to reach out to communities and create local experiences. The campaign unfolds through a series of promotions such as “Eat Local: Locallicious” “Eat Thai, Visit Thai” “Knowing Thai” “Hello Taste Thailand guidebook” or the world’s famous “Michelin Guidebook”. Food means more than just being a part of our local life. It has core relevance for those who seek to understand and embrace our culture. It also drives Thai tourism.

Tom Yum Kung

Last year, the Tourism and Sports Ministry reported that gastronomy tourism generated THB456 billion in revenue for the country while foreign tourist expenditure on food and beverage stood as high as THB282 billion.

In today’s world, digital disruption makes it easier for everyone to locate places that excel in presenting authentic Thai food and possibly succeed by reintroducing a long-lost recipe.

A software App such as Thai SELECT, created by The Department of International Trade Promotion, helps users around the world to discover Thai cuisine wherever they happen to be. If you are a visitor to Bangkok, popular food apps such as Wongnai or Eatigo with an English interface help you to search for renowned local restaurants.

Back in 2017, Kasikorn Bank confirmed the growing fascination with Thai food, saying the projected growth would average 11 to 15% in the food delivery sector annually. The Apps point us in the right direction and help us to explore new food experiences. These digital platforms will spur the gastronomy sector to climb to the next level.

With just a few clicks, you can locate and enjoy famous Pad Thai from Pratu Phi, GuayJub (rolled rice noodle soup) from China Town, Tom Yum Goong Soup (spicy shrimp soup) in a renowned seafood restaurant. Then there are local dishes such as Som Tam (spicy green papaya salad), Kao Soi Kai (egg noodle in chicken curry) or even Kao-Chae Chao Wang (cooked rice soaked in iced water), a royal recipe passed down by generations.

Technology is changing our daily lifestyle, speeding up the pace, yet Thais have shown they will not compromise when it comes to the authenticity of taste. We continue to cherish our food legacy, enjoy our meals with friends, and share authentic home-cooked food when our guests come to visit.

Start to explore the world of Thai food by browsing Apps to locate a restaurant near you that are special and enjoy the flavours that Thais appreciate. Relish every dining or snacking opportunity every single day. So, Gin Arai Kan Dee?

Start to explore the world of Thai food by browsing Apps to locate a restaurant near you that are special and enjoy the flavours that Thais appreciate. Relish every dining or snacking opportunity every single day. So, Gin Arai Kan Dee?

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