Sabre monitors retail revolution

SINGAPORE, 14 August 2019: Travellers are demanding more flexibility and a seamless shopping experience according to Sabre Corporation’s latest study.

The global travel technology provider joined forces with TrendWatching to release the consumer trends study “Retail Revolution”.

“Technology is changing the expectations of today’s traveller. They demand flexibility, optionality and a seamless shopping experience that goes beyond booking a room,” said Sabre hospitality solutions president Clinton Anderson.

The report details how innovative retail and hospitality players are harnessing six key consumer trends to drive innovation and improve their guest experience.

It includes actionable insights to fuel creativity and gains a deeper understanding of how concepts can be applied to provide guests with convenience, relevance, fun, recognition and support – the things they crave in today’s retail-driven environment.

Three top trends

SENTIENT SPACES: Travellers are increasingly aware of an ever-growing ecosystem of cameras and sensors. Although sensitive to security concerns, they crave personalization and are willing to share their data to get it. Truly smart physical spaces – retail stores, hotel rooms and more – are now built with technology ranging from facial recognition to robots that create experiences tailored to the guests moving through them.

A-COMMERCE: Retailers have mastered the use of algorithms and smart devices to increase convenience and serve up intuitive recommendations at crucial moments. Busy travellers will increasingly expect the same experience from their travel providers. Developing capabilities to automate shopping, selecting and purchasing activities will allow hoteliers to deliver increased simplicity – and more meaningful experiences – to their guests.

VILLAGE SQUARED: Smart retailers are responding to society’s increasing sense of isolation by transforming their spaces in new ways to foster connections and promote social wellbeing. Hotels, with a myriad of unique and functional spaces at their disposal, have significant – and relatively untapped – potential to maximize their properties and provide unique experiences to their guests. To discover more consumer trends powering the Retail Revolution across the hospitality industry, the full report is available here: