Arival will return to Asia in 2020

BANGKOK, 5 August 2019: Following the inaugural Arival event hosted in Bangkok last June Arival co-founder Bruce Rosard has confirmed the event will return to Asia for a second-year in 2020 and Bangkok is in the running to host it.

While Thai capital has not been confirmed the organisers said they are “looking closely at Bangkok for next year or something similar.”

Bruce Rosard, co-founder and COO Arival, had earlier told TTR Weekly in an email response to questions “we expect Arival will return to BKK for 2020. “

Credited with rallying around 500 delegates from Asia’s top in-destination companies, the Bangkok event was one of three worldwide. The others are hosted either in Orlando or Las Vegas for the North American market and Berlin to cover Europe.

Arival Bangkok surprised observers with a strong turnout of delegates representing in-destination experiences confirming the Arival founders have found a niche.

More to the point, the majority of delegates excluding speakers a few guests and media paid to attend says Rosard.

“This is most likely different from many other APAC events from what we can tell,” he explained. “And yes we can get our price point because of the high value we provide and the return on investment that our attendees have come to expect.”

He emphasised that with the second edition probably scheduled for summer 2020 (dates not finalised) the “pricing will not go lower next year.”

Delegate fees started at USD495 and went up to USD895 depending on when attendees registered and paid.

Rosard noted that just 20% of attendees were from Thailand, the host country. Over 30 countries were represented.

Claiming a high level of transparency on attendance he said anyone could go to the attendees’ page on the website under the WHO navigation to see the full list.

Asked what had Arival Bangkok done right to get a high turnout of paid delegates Rosard was reticent to offer tips or advice to potential competitors.

“We don’t have any advice for other events in Thailand. We are grateful that Arival has been extremely successful with our first events in the US, Europe and now APAC.

“We believe this is, in part, due to the position we have established in the third-largest and fastest-growing sector in the entire travel industry – tours, activities and attractions – the Best Part of Travel”.

Arival events serve the business of creating in-destination experiences such as tours, attractions and activities.

Since its foundation in 2017 by Douglas Quinby, Bruce Rosard and Alex Kremer, Arival has held events in Las Vegas (2017 & 2018) and Berlin (March 2019).

Following the Bangkok event, 24-26 June, Arival travels to Orlando, 28 to 31 October and then to Berlin, 1 to 3 March 2020.

(This report was updated 6 August 2019, to reflect the organiser’s decision to consider other destinations as potential hosts for the 2020 event.)