Airbnb celebrates the biggest night ever

BANGKOK, August 23 2019: Exactly 11 years since Airbnb was founded, the home-sharing and global hospitality company celebrated its biggest night ever, with more than 4 million people spending the night in an Airbnb listing on August 10.

To date, there have been more than half a billion-guest arrivals at homes and properties worldwide since the company was founded in August 2008.

“At Airbnb, our mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. From the beginning, we saw how Airbnb could help people feel that they belong, and through offline interactions, turn strangers into friends. We’re proud to be building communities, one host, one guest, and one experience at a time,” said, Airbnb general manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mike Orgill.

Airbnb measures success through its Connection Index, which reflects the pairings of countries and regions between hosts and guests.

For example, when a guest from one country becomes the first to stay with a host in another country, it is counted as a new connection.

In 2010, the Airbnb platform facilitated more than 1,300 connections. By 2015, the total reached 16,500.

Today, approximately 26,000 connections have been made via the Airbnb platform, and by the end of 2019, it will reach 30,013.

By the year 2027, Airbnb predicts that there will be in excess of 50,000 connections.

The flow of new connections is made possible because there are more than six million Airbnb listings in over 100,000 cities.