Agoda names 2019 award winners

SINGAPORE, 23 August 2019: Agoda named the winners of its Customer Review Awards Thursday that are presented to hotels and accommodation partners worldwide.

 The awards based on high rating customer reviews make up a long list covering destinations worldwide, requiring weeks to ship the award plaques.

This year, more than 7,800 properties in 22 countries won awards with the highest count in Thailand, followed by Japan and Indonesia.

Bali topped all the destinations with 397 winning properties, followed by Tokyo with 295 and Taipei with 260.

The Agoda Customer Review Plaque is judged on genuine customer reviews based on five critical criteria. They are location, service, cleanliness, facilities and price.

To qualify a property must have at least 40 reviews with an average review score of eight or more. The qualified property must also regularly use Agoda’s intuitive Yield Control System (YCS), that is available in an app.

APAC travellers seem to be the most opinionated reviewers with Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore travellers ranked as the top five markets by volume of reviews globally. 

Agoda’s reviewers prioritise location as the top parameter of the five review factors, followed by the cleanliness of the accommodation, service from staff, value for money and facilities.

“Travellers increasingly trust peer-to-peer reviews when selecting accommodation. They rely on feedback to help choose properties that are in great locations, clean, and good value for money,” said Agoda vice president of partner services Errol Cooke.