Traveloka launches multi-flight bookings

JAKARTA, 24 July 2019: Traveloka, a travel booking company in Southeast Asia, makes it easier to complete multi-city flight bookings.

Through the latest flight features called Multi-city, users can book flight tickets to several destinations at once in one transaction.

With this feature, users can add up to five additional destinations from and to various domestic and international destinations, such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Europe and the United States.

At the Multi-city feature launch, Traveloka CEO transport Caesar Indra said: “The multi-city flight feature helps travellers to make a more flexible travel itinerary.”

Traveloka’s data shows that flights increased 70% (year on year) in the first quarter of 2019 to various destinations, such as South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

Multi-city flight feature is available on Traveloka App version 3.9 and later, on Android, iOS devices as well as desktops.

To use the feature follow these steps

1. Open the Traveloka application, version 3.9 and later.

2. On the homepage, select the Flight icon.

3. On the Flight Search page, select Multi-City.

4. Choose flight destinations 1, 2, until 5, fill passenger’s data and select flight class preference. 5. Then click “search”, and a page will show the search result of airlines that is according to your flight destination.


  1. Why its very hard for traveloka agency to change the surname of the passenger that I booked due to an honest mistakes .. no one is perfect..

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