Supercars club party in Pattaya

PATTAYA, 4 July 2019: Guests of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group enjoyed a “WOW” moment when they looked out of their hotel windows to see an impressive line up of supercars.

It was part of a social weekend event organised by the ultra-exclusive Club 8ight of Thailand for its exclusive car owner members.

The club a fraternity for busy supercar owners and businessmen organises events and visits to five-star properties to unwind with their families and friends. 

Motoring enthusiasts and supercar fans drove their premier cars to the Royal Cliff Hotel Group’s resorts at the headland beach properties.  

They provided an awesome link up of luxury supercars that included the famous badges of McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche and many other classic and current supercars.

Let’s say it was a great day for “selfies” against the backdrop of a stunning sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

The elite club had a relaxing welcome reception at the rooftop of the Royal Cliff Beach Terrace.  A gala dinner party at the Royal Opal Theatre in the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel followed by star-rated cuisine paired with exclusive Lamborghini wines sponsored by the Lamborghini winery.

Royal Cliff Hotels Group CEO, Vitanart Vathanakul welcomed the august group of drivers and families many of the celebrities and socialites.  The entertainment climaxed with electrifying concerts from famous Thai bands, Lipta and New Jiew.

From offering custom-made chocolates, creating bespoke cocktails to providing fun sculptures that represent the cars, Royal Cliff raised social event planning to a new level with its highly personalized services.   

Royal Cliff frequently welcomes various Supercar Clubs in Thailand whose high profile and influential members continue to enjoy its superb service, exceptional hospitality, VIP treatment and reliable security for their high-end vehicles.

The property has an established security management system where car owners can confidently park their cars up front with their security constantly monitored on a 24-hour basis.

Situated on a 64-acre private parkland estate overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group operates four award-winning hotels providing guests from home and abroad with the ultimate holiday experience.

An ideal luxury destination for leisure and business travellers, it has won over 200 national and international awards and remains the perfect location for car rallies, car shows and other corporate activities.

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