Kerala makes the most of monsoons

TRIVANDRUM, India, 31 July 2019” Kerala’s tourism department is promoting packages to increase the travel flow to the state during the monsoon season.

The department says special monsoon tour packages will appeal to travellers across India.

Travel agencies, hotels, resorts and homestay operators join forces to offer special holiday packages that are available to consumers through the Kerala tourism website or tourism app.

About 1500 hotels and resorts are linked to the tourism department and taking part in the tour programme. Each hotel and resort provides the details of their special offers and packages, uploading them to the Kerala Tourism website.

As Kerala is becoming a favourite monsoon-season holiday spot for domestic tourists, many hotels and resorts are keen to capitalise and present their offers on the tourism department’s website.

The department supports the programme by financing paid promotions and advertisements to drive visits to the website.  Hotels benefit from having their commercials offers presented in an easy-to-read format with a booking option.

The department aims to create awareness and present the new packages by sharing details with various other websites and thereby increasing the flow of tourists to the state.

With the onset of the monsoon in Kerala, the northern parts of India are facing the intense heat of summer.

 It encourages tourists to visit Kerala to experience the cooler weather associated with the monsoon season.

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