Hong Kong Protests turn nasty

HONG KONG, 23 July 2019: An uneasy calm descended on Hong Kong Monday after violent protests escalated in Hong Kong over the weekend.

In a sign that mob violence is a growing threat, masked, stick-wielding government supporters attacked a group of pro-democracy protesters in a train station, beating people and commuters including reporters.

Elsewhere, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters to disperse them during a march against a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong.

Protests have occurred for seven weekends in a row without any signs that a compromise can be reached between government and protesters.

Ferry Services between Macau and Hong Kong Sheung Wan closed at midnight Sunday, but they resumed early morning on Monday.

Hundreds of protesters and police battled around the western commercial district in Hong Kong, with a large group gathered in front of the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan until Sunday midnight. The protest disrupted access to the ferry terminal.

The Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal resumed services from Hong Kong at 0600 Monday with the Macau side starting its ferry service to Sheung Wan at 0615. Meanwhile, the Peak Tram resumed service Monday 22 July.

Travel advisories caution travellers to postpone trips, especially during weekends when protests are organised. However, the alert level remains low recommending travellers to avoid protest routes.