World’s hen party haunts

LEEDS UK, 19 June 2019: A global study reveals the top destination for “hen parties and the winner is Prague, the Czech capital.

The new hen-do index ranks popular city destinations to reveal the top locations for hen party celebrations.

Prague was the top spot ahead of Barcelona, London, Madrid and Budapest.

But surprise, Bangkok gained a 9th place footing as the only Asian destination in the top 10 on the merits of its cheap food and beverage costs.

The study looks at the cities with the cheapest wine and meal cost, most activities and bars to choose from, as well as the least chance of rain.

Prague and Barcelona beat Ibiza, Marbella and Las Vegas as the ultimate worldwide cities for a hen do

Budapest, Madrid and Barcelona turned out to be the cheapest for booze, while Vegas was placed to head for guaranteed sunshine and the least chance of rain.

The worldwide hen-do index ranks city destinations based on a variety of lifestyle factors, such as the best night outs, cost of food and alcohol as well as weather guarantee (because no-one wants it to be raining during their celebration).

The bride-to-be hosts a ‘hen party’ for her friends, ahead of the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Conducted by Mecca Bingo, the study listed the top 10 hen-do destinations globally.

  • Prague – good for nights out and cheap food, with the average price of a meal just £4.98.
  • Barcelona – good for sunny weather and relaxing spas. The Spanish city gets an average of 6 days rainfall per month and houses an amazing 556 spas. Also has a beach nearby.
  • London – good for nights out, relaxing spas and home comforts. The Big Smoke has the most bars and clubs of all cities worldwide.
  • Madrid – good for bars, clubs and cheap taxi fares. The city comprises of 613 bars with cab prices starting at just £2.26 and a good choice for sun-worshipping hens too.
  • Budapest – good for cheap food and alcohol, with the average cost of a bottle of wine just £4 and main meals an affordable £4.89.
  • Sofia – good for cheap food and taxis. Average cab fares are just £0.35 and main meals are £4.80.
  • Berlin – good for cheap booze and nights out. Berlin has 515 clubs and an average bottle of wine is just £4.27.
  • Moscow – good for cab fares with the average taxi costing just £1.17.
  • Bangkok – A tropical long haul destination, good for spas and food prices, with the average meal costing just £1.89.
  • Krakow – good for taxi costs and food prices. Is known as a popular cheap getaway and popular for hen and stag parties. Average taxi fares are just £1.39.

With a score of 9.6, Czech capital, Prague, tops the list with an excellent mix of things you could want for a perfect hen do. It has an enormous 620 bars and clubs, which is the second highest amount out of all the cities, making it an excellent night out. More ‘early night’ than ‘crazy night’? You could have a spa weekend and choose from one of Prague’s 161 establishments. It’s also a cheap eat, with the average price of a meal just £4.98.

The Spanish city of Barcelona is the second-best destination for a hen do, getting a score of 9.2. With just 6.38 days of rainfall on average per month and 556 spas to enjoy, this vivid city is great for relaxing and soaking up the sun. With 531 bars and clubs, and the average price of a bottle of wine being just £4.27, it’s also a great night out.

Best wining and dining

If you want a meal that doesn’t break the bank, and you don’t mind the airfare, try Thailand. Bangkok offers the cheapest average meal, at £1.89, while Phuket is £2.39. Yet, for a bottle of wine, they’re the most expensive: £17.34 on average in Bangkok, £15.55 in Phuket. The Spanish destinations of Valencia and Benidorm are the cheapest for vino, at £8.54 and £8.58 respectively.

Bangkok offers the cheapest average meal at just £1.89, whereas Budapest, Madrid and Barcelona offer the best value for alcohol at £4.27.

Mecca Bingo head of brand and delivery, Susanne Svensson said: “With wedding season coming up, we wanted to find out the perfect hen do destinations for brides-to-be. From relaxing city breaks to big nights out, each destination has been analysed to find out the best locations based on what hens want out of the hen party”.

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