Traveloka launches Xperience

JAKARTA, 25 June 2019:  Traveloka a booking site for Southeast Asia’s online travel bookers is launching its ‘Xperience’ branded content across the region.

It claims to be a simple and easy-to-use platform to explore and book travel and lifestyle activities on Traveloka.

The new content focuses sales on travellers resident in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Xperience allows travellers to book a wide variety of travel options beyond just airfares, hotel rooms and car hire.

The new content comes in new categories such as attractions; movies; events; entertainment; tours; beauty & spa; sports; playgrounds; transport, food & drink, classes and workshops.

Traveloka currently offers nearly 15,000 inventories that are present in more than 60 countries. Inventories in all 10+ categories are available for Traveloka users in seven countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.