Runners jog to Chiang Rai summit

CHIANG RAI, 25 June 2019:  Chiang Rai governor, Prajon Prachsakul, presided over the Welcome Global Marathon Project 2019 press conference late last week to announce the Global Running Summit & the Chiang Rai 2019 half marathon race 4 to 7 July.

Both the summit on how to create international standard marathons in Thailand’s secondary tourist destinations and the race itself are brand new.

According to Thailand’s National News Bureau, the “summit and race” is being organised by Chiang Rai province along with the Sports Authority of Thailand, the Athletic Association of Thailand, the Office for the Thailand Conventions and Exhibitions Bureau, The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Umay Plus and Move Asia.

 The Global Running Summit will attempt to identify ways to improve Thailand’s marathon events to be on par with international standards, such as promoting them beyond the domestic market to reach international runners and providing information well in advance so it can be included in international calendars for running events.

 The objective is to use sports as an economic driver for cities and local communities and to ensure the events comply with the guidelines from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The Global Running Submit 2019 will take place 4 to 5 July, featuring experts and running gurus exchanging their knowledge about marathon event organization, sharing insights from global marathon event organizers on engagement with local communities and sustainable development. International media have not been invited to cover the summit meetings or half marathon.

The Chiang Rai 2019 half-marathon event (21.1km) will take place 7 July 2019, a brand new running event in Thailand that should comply with international standards.

The IAAF-certified point-to-point run will allow participants to enjoy and immerse themselves in picturesque scenery and local culture and will feature many local celebrity runners.

The Chiang Rai governor reiterated the province was proud to host Asia’s first Global Running Summit 2019 and the Chiang Rai 2019 21.1 race and was eager to welcome experts and runners from around the world.

(National News Bureau)