Phuket joins Best Places to Visit

WASHINGTON DC, 26 June 2019: Paris topped the US News list that names the World’s Best Places to Visit, while Thailand’s Phuket joins the top 10 destinations in the eighth spot.

Released 25 June the annual rankings highlight the World’s Best Places to Visit, as well as region-specific and niche lists, including the Best Places to Visit in the USA, the Best Historical Cities to Visit in the USA, the Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA, the Best Places to Visit in Australia and The Pacific and the Best Places to Visit in Asia.

Unique to US News, the rankings combine editor, traveller and expert feedback to determine the most remarkable destinations around the world.

Paris, with its world-renowned attractions, excellent cuisine and charming atmosphere, gained the number one slot as the Best Place to Visit in the World.

It was followed by New Zealand’s South Island in second place, Rome in third, Tahiti fourth and London in fifth place.

All the top 10 destinations are gold badged by US News out of a list of 30 top destinations.

Notably, eighth-placed Phuket, the highest placed Asian destination, was ahead of Barcelona (11th) and New York City (12th). The top 30 featured just two Asian destinations; Phuket (8th) and Maldives (16th).

In addition, four destinations in Thailand were listed in the top 15 Best Places to Visit in Asia.

In addition to Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Railay Beach all featured in the Asia list.

The Maldives led the Asia list followed by Tokyo in second place, Phuket third, Bali fourth and Hong Kong fifth.

US News analysed more than 700 destinations using a methodology that combines travellers’ opinions, as provided by user votes, with expert and editor analysis. Each destination is scored in 10 categories, from sights, culture and food to nightlife, adventure and romance, offering a comprehensive evaluation of each destination.

World’s Best Places to Visit (Top 10 gold badged)


2. South Island, New Zealand

3. Rome

4. Tahiti

5. London

6. Maui

7. Bora Bora

8. Phuket

9. Grand Canyon

10. Yosemite

11. Barcelona
12. New York City
13. Dubai
14. Machu Picchu
15. Sydney
16. Maldives
17. Amsterdam
18. San Francisco
19. Florence
20. Yellowstone
21. Banff
22. Argentine Patagonia 23. British Virgin Islands 24. Santorini
25. St. Lucia
26. Prague
27. Rio de Janeiro
28. Great Barrier Reef 29. Costa Rica
30. Amalfi Coast

Best Places to Visit in Asia. (Top five gold badged)

1. Maldives

2. Tokyo

3. Phuket

4. Bali

5. Hong Kong

6. Chiang Mai

7. Kyoto

8. Singapore

9. Bangkok

10. Hanoi

11. Taipei

12. Railay Beach, Thailand

13. Seoul

14. Guilin and Lijiang River National Park

15. Shanghai