Phnom Penh welcomes Citilink

PHNOM PENH, 25 June 2019: Indonesia’s Citilink inaugurated its Jakarta – Phnom Penh service 21 June with the airport giving the arriving aircraft a traditional hose-down welcome from two fire truck.

Cambodia’s travel executives including the Ministry of Tourism officiated at the celebration.

It marks the first-ever service linking the two capital cities and in the long run, should open Indonesia outbound tourism market that up until now has been an underperformer as far as tourist arrivals to Cambodia are concerned.

Photo Credit: Cambodia Ministry of Tourism

Launched 21 June the service offers a three weekly direct flight on Monday, Wednesday and Friday using an Airbus A320.

The flight departs from Jakarta at 1055 and arrives at 1425 in Phnom Penh. The return flight departs Phnom Penh at 1530 and arrives in Jakarta at 1900.

Photo Credit: Cambodia Ministry if Tourism