Banned in carry-on luggage

BANGKOK, 25 June 2019: Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority says airports will adopt stricter security regulations that identify a long list of items passengers cannot take on board.

The ban covers foods, liquids and cosmetics that are now limited to containers that have a capacity of no more than 100 millilitres.

Items cannot be carried into any of the passenger areas or be carried on to an aircraft.

Sanook a popular quoted the CAAT stating the restricted items include toothpaste, shampoo, sauce, jam and even perfume.

The ban applies to all 28 airports under the CAAT authority and came into effect at the weekend according to Sanook.

Signs in Thai that obviously need to be translated to other languages such as Chinese and English identify popular foods such as curry and ‘nam prik’ (a condiment) that cannot be carried into an airport or on flights in quantities more than 100 millilitres.

Items on the banned list: Water; drinks; soup; syrup; jam; stew; sauce; ‘nam prik’; foods in sauce; creams; lotions; cosmetics; oil; perfume; toothpaste; shampoo; shower gel; spray; foam; mascara; lipstick and lip balm.

Although Sanook quotes the CAAT there is no evidence of any recently updated announcements, in Thai or English, on what is prohibited in airports and on fights. It appears to be a stricter interpretation of earlier rules, possibly ending a grace period for travellers.

However, CAAT needs to identify its announcements concerning these measures. They should not be difficult to find on the website and the list of prohibited items should not be ambiguous. On its website and Facebook page, the list has to be written in various languages. This has not been accomplished so far, which will encourage confusion and even confrontation with passengers who not familiar with the agency’s interpretation.

(Source: Sanook)


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