Singapore names innovative winners

SINGAPORE, 11 April 2019: The Singapore Tourism Board has awarded seven businesses up to SGD1.3 million for marketing proposals under the second edition of the Marketing Innovation Programme [1].

Seven proposals, originating from both tourism and non-tourism businesses, introduced a new dimension to storytelling about Singapore.  

The awarded campaigns tell stories of Singapore’s culture, heritage and food, which are closely aligned to STB’s Passion Made Possible brand, and target audiences from various Passion Tribes[2].

They were selected based on criteria such as innovativeness, the potential to drive tourism outcomes and feasibility, by a judging panel comprising STB representatives and industry experts.

The campaigns were also selected for their ability to creatively convey Singapore’s authenticity and character, sometimes in innovative ways that go beyond the conventional definitions of tourism.

One winner, e-commerce company Carousell, plans to showcase Singapore as a destination through the eyes of a visitor who meets new Singaporeans friends that share his interests. Their campaign titled “Embark on Your Great Singapore Treasure Trail” seeks to invite Indonesian users to experience Singapore by planning their own ‘treasure trail’ itinerary, using the Carousell app.

Botani Spirits’ award-winning campaign puts the spotlight on the lesser-known craft drinks industry and the stories behind the cocktails, artisans and ingredients. Their campaign aims to drive awareness of Singapore’s craft drinks industry through pop-up shows, festivals, trade fairs, as well as on social media.

The other five companies that will receive awards are Cocoba, Euro-Asia Holidays, Invade Industry, Savour Events and VICE Media Asia Pacific.

Each marketing campaign will receive an award of up to 50% of qualifying marketing costs, up to SGD300,000 (excluding GST). These qualifying costs include creative production of assets and collaterals, marketing-related costs for publicity events and activation, talent engagement, media buys and distribution.

[1] Launched in April 2017, MIP seeks to support innovative marketing campaigns that experiment with new ideas and push the boundaries of traditional marketing methods.

[2] Singapore Tourism Board’s Passion Made Possible brand has identified seven Passion Tribes: Foodies, Collectors, Explorers, Action Seekers, Culture Shapers, Socialisers and Progressors. The tribes are based on locals’ and potential visitors’ lifestyles, interests and the reasons that motivate travel.