Pattaya sand flushed into the sea

PATTAYA, 5 April 2019: Around THB400 million worth of sand flushed into the ocean at Pattaya ending an ambitious restoration project undertaken by Thailand’s Harbour Department.

Following a massive storm that hit the Gulf of Thailand resort town, earlier this week, run-off from torrential rain tore gullies through the recently laid restored beach.

Pattaya News, which broke the story, claimed stretches extending for 200 metres were washed away.

Emergency workers are frantically using dredgers to retrieve the sand to fill up the gullies.

Overnight the run-off from the storm turned a pristine 2’8 km stretch of sand into disaster zone

According to initial reports the cost of repairs could exceed THB105 million.

However, Pattaya News, hinting at a possible cause of the washout, said this time round the work would focus on building drainage channels that might “actually stay in place” during flooding.

The restored beach extends all the way to South Pattaya and was completed just a month ago.

Photos of the restored beach showed a broad expanse of sand without the usual clutter of deck chairs and vendors.

Pattaya News also observed at the time that there were very few tourists to enjoy it, possibly a reference to the dramatic decline in Chinese tourists to resorts in Thailand.

“There are less tourist now in Pattaya and a lot less sand for them to sit on as well”, the editors noted.

Thailand’s weather bureau issued a storm warning predicting heavy rain, hail and lightening in the upper north of the country last weekend.

Instead, storms pummelled Pattaya on Wednesday morning causing serious flooding a metre deep in some parts of the coastal city.

(Source: The Pattaya News)