Bangkok Airways a stickler for time

BANGKOK, 12 April 2019: It might be more expensive to fly Bangkok Airways, but it will probably get you to your destination bang on time.

Well most of the time, according to OAG annual survey that measures punctuality across hundreds of airlines worldwide.

Bangkok Airways managed to win the citation “Most Punctual Airline Asia Pacific with an 86.16% score that suggests the odds favour on-time delivery with just an occasional slip-up.

The airline gained second place in the Asia-Pacific list and was the only Thai airline to gain mention on the top-20 chart.

OAG regional sales director of the JAPAC region, Mayur Patel said: “Securing a spot as the second most punctual airline in the Asia Pacific is a noteworthy accomplishment. Bangkok Airways is a great example of an airline that has not only recognized the importance of OTP but also taken concrete steps to make strong punctuality performance a reality”.

OAG is the world’s leading provider of travel data and insight, Punctuality League 2019 is the industry’s most comprehensive ranking of OTP for the world’s largest airlines and airports.


  1. Bangkok Airways IATA code PG. Back in the day Johnnie and the late Bernie Cooper got bumped off a PG flight from Hua Hin to Bangkok. Suddenly before embarkation two seats were urgently needed for the ex Aussie ambassador HE and his charming female companion. Bernie said, “Johnnie you know what PG stands for? Eh? It stands for Perhaps GO!” Those were the days.

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