Attractions: Wow that’s worth seeing

LONDON, 7 March 2019: A new study by Stasher a luggage storage group names the attractions that will enthral or possibly disappoint us.

Asking us if we have ever stood in front of the Eiffel Tower and thought, “is this really it,” the study offers insights on the trending tourist attractions mainly based on TripAdvisor, Google and reviews.

It comes with top attractions that are awesome based on the study’s criteria and attractions that are likely to be a disappointment.

At a glance the results appeared to be skewed in favour of Europe and North America with the highest ranked tourist attraction, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia popping up in 19th place.

There are other surprises when searching for Asian tourist attractions higher up the ranking.  Singapore’s Universal Studios gains the 36th place while the Bangkok’s Grand Palace languishes in the 83rd slot one below China’s Forbidden City. The highest place attraction in Bangkok is Wat Po ranked 53rd.

Theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland are higher up the ranking than culture or heritage sites with the exception of Hong Kong’s Disneyland (96) that drops into the most “overrated” bunch of five at the bottom of the chart.

The top five tourist attractions, with the highest score guaranteed to have a strong “Wow” factor, are all in Europe with the exception of one in Abu Dhabi.

Top five scorers

Plaza de Espana (Seville, Spain)

Matterhorn (Valais, Switzerland)

Puy du Fou (Les Epesses, France)

Mosque of Cordoba (Cordoba, Spain)

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (Abu Dhabi, UAE).

As for the grossly overrated attractions three are in Asia; Ocean Park and Disneyland both in Hong Kong and Everland in Yongin in South Korea.

Five most overrated

Hollywood Walk of Fame (Los Angeles, USA)

Machu Picchu (Cuzco, Peru)

Ocean Park (Hong Kong, China)

Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong, China)

Everland (Yongin, South Korea)

Luggage storage specialists Stasher claims to have aggregated “a ton of data to rank 99 of the world’s most treasured attractions giving them a score out of 10 in a tourist attraction index.

The Stasher score line was calculated on a TripAvisor and Google review, accommodation rating, access, safety and Instagram engagement.