Traveloka launches Flight Status

BANGKOK 16 January 2019: Traveloka, an online travel booking site, introduced, Tuesday, its Flight Status feature that enables users to track flights in real-time.

The new feature will be useful for people picking up friends, or family, at an airport as it provides accurate flight schedules and alerts on landings.

Traveloka Thailand country manager, Tee Chayakul said: “By offering this new feature, users can easily have information at their fingertips to share flight status information with their closest family.”

To access the Flight Status feature, users need to download and open Traveloka app 3.6.0 version and select Flight Status on the homepage.

Users can fill in flight details by choosing the route or Flight Code to get the latest update.

The real-time flight status appears on the screen. Users can also check their flight status in their e-ticket on the My Booking section.

“The availability of the Flight Status feature for the first time by Traveloka, is expected to answer users’ anxiety, both passengers and relatives, by offering more certainty,” Tee added.

The Flight Status feature is now available on Traveloka application version 3.6.0 on Android and iOS devices.