Thai Lion ditches free luggage

BANGKOK, 8 January 2018: Thai Lion Air is dropping its free checked luggage allowance effective on all flights 15 January.

Up until now the airline offered free checked luggage of 10kg on domestic flights and 20kg on international flights.

The new ruling was posted via Line groups at the weekend, although the airline’s website has not posted any clear announcement so far.

However, attempts to book flights even ahead of the 15 January deadline no longer flag information on a complimentary checked luggage allowances.

It was one of a just a few Thailand-based low-cost airlines to include free checked-in luggage.  Nok Air dropped the offer in 2017. Vietjet continues to offer 30 kg of free checked luggage for its top fares, but not for lower fares categories.

Thai Smile, which technically does not call itself a low-cost airline, offers 20 kg free checked luggage.

Thai Lion Air has removed all information on its free checked luggage policy under its FYI information sections on the website.

It’s extensively promoted 10kg free allowance for domestic flights and 15kg for international service. It was widely recognised as major plus point with the added free sports goods allowance that applied to cycles and golf bags constituting a clear incentive for sports enthusiasts.

The new charges on domestic route sectors are THB250 for 5kg, THB300 for 10kg, THB520 for 15kg and THB690 for 20kg.

International flights have a much higher fee: THB700 for 5kg, THB1,000 for 10kg, THB1,300 for 15kg and THB1,600 for 20kg.  Flights to Hanoi, Singapore and Yangon have a slightly lower rate of THB600 for 5kg, THB850 for 10kg, THB1,100 for 15kg and THB1,350 for 20kg.