Java mount takes day off

JAKARTA, 18 January 2019: In a bid to protect the sensitive landscape of Java’s Mount Ijen, local authorities have introduced a monthly rest day from trekking and tourism.

In its latest update to travel partners, worldwide, Asian Trails Indonesia said closure for just one day in each month should help to sustain the mount’s moonlike crater for the years to come.

The new ruling was introduced 1 January and closes crater walks, hiking trails and viewing points every first Friday of each month.

Visitors to this landmark in the Banyuwangi Regency of East Java will be offered alternative sightseeing in the region on this day.

Together with the local mining community that lives off labour-intensive sulphur mining, the one-day closure will be used for cleaning the area and also introducing measures to help stabilise the eco-system that surrounds Mount Ijen. 

Asian Trails Indonesia said it has adjusted tour programmes and itineraries of Mount Ijen in line with the new regulations. Alternative sightseeing is now offered to fill in the gap.