Selfies fans lose a statue backdrop

SINGAPORE, 17 December 2018: It must be all those selfie photo shooters wearing down the Sir Stamford Raffles Statue as workers responded last week by hoarding up the city’s founder for maintenance work.

But no it’s just that time of the year when the annual scrub routine takes place to rid the city-state’s founder of  bird droppings and reverse the corrosive attacks from air pollution.

Selfie fanatics, and believe me there are literally thousands of them who daily loiter around the statue, loll on it and plant their sticky ice cream hands over the gentleman’s waist coat, have been told to find another location for their self love shots at least for the remainder of December.

Would Sir Raffles turn in his grave if knew what was happening under the shadow of it his impressive statue?

Probably, but then he might run his finger down the ledger and conclude tourists are very good for the economy.

The popular statue located at the Raffles Landing Site is undergoing maintenance and a clean-up to 28 December.

Singapore Tourism reported that the statue has been hoarded up and will not be available for as a photo backdrop until the end of the year.