More Thais travel solo

BANGKOK, 3 December, 2018: Solo travel is becoming more popular with the latest Visa research indicating that 28% of Thais surveyed travelled overseas “solo” in the past two years.

That puts Thais willingness to travel solo ahead of the global (24%) and Asia-Pacific (23%) averages, according to Visa’s Global Travel Intentions Study.

The study’s findings are based on feedback from 17,500 global travellers from 27 countries including respondents living in Thailand.

Looking closer at Thailand’s outbound travel market the study identified those most likely to travel solo were the youngest group of travellers (18 to 24 years) at 45% and those combining business and leisure travel or “Bleasure” travellers at 37%.

Travellers age between 25 and 35, as well as affluent travellers, round out the group most likely to travel solo (28% each).

In contrast, travellers age 36 to 44 were the most likely to travel with other people throughout the entire trip at 71%.

Visa Thailand country manager, Suripong Tantiyanon said: “It is exciting to see how technology and tourism have become intertwined resulting in more Thai travellers taking “Solo” trips abroad.  The development of technology allows travellers the ability to take trip planning and booking into their own hands.  In addition, payment technologies and innovations also give them greater convenience, security and confidence to spend during their time abroad.”

When travelling with companions, bigger groups are common.  Typically, a group consists of up to five people, on average.  Those travelling with others are most likely to be accompanied by their spouses/partners (49%) or friends/colleagues (42%). Travellers 45 years and above, or “super-boomers” (72%), are more likely to travel with their families and friends throughout the whole trip.

When it comes to activities, travellers from Thailand differ from their Asia-Pacific counterparts. The top three activities for Thai travellers are tours and attractions (71%), food and dining (69%), and shopping (68%).

On the other hand, top activities for Asia-Pacific travellers are food and dining (73%), shopping (69%), and tours and attractions (64%).

Some of the key activities Thai travellers engage in are visits to cultural locales (52%), visits to theme parks and attractions (34%) and religious monuments (29%).

When it comes to food and dining, Thai travellers opt for eating at local casual and small restaurants (39%) and tasting the street food (30%).

Shopping for Thai travellers is all about venues that carry a range of brands and products, at duty-free shopping at destination airports (34%) and large and medium retailers (33%), and small retailers (30%).