The other side of Hong Kong

HONG KONG, 19 November 2018: The Hong Kong Tourism Board is joining hands with National Geographic to promote its annual Great Outdoors campaign.

The campaign ‘One Place, Two Perspectives’ features 13 landscapes in the city and attempts to present Hong Kong’s lesser known green side that contrasts with its crowded urban environment that most visitors experience.

It’s an old theme that HKTB returns to in the hope it can convince around 10% of foreign non-Chinese visitors to go beyond the city’s crowded streets and high-powered shopping venues to explore nature trails.

According the HKTB, a, French photographer Matthieu Paley, Hongkonger Tugo Cheng and Trail runner Wyan Chow Pui-yan will lead the outdoor campaign.

HKTB in its promotional releases says the campaign will include a guidebook, Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong, photo gallery and collaborative content with insights from National Geographic photographers and trail experts.

HKTB executive director Anthony Lau said: “In this fresh attempt to showcase Hong Kong’s natural beauty through stunning photography and inspiring stories by some of the world’s top photographers, we hope to encourage visitors to discover another side of cosmopolitan Hong Kong during the hiking season from November to March.”

National Geographic Partners, Asia-Pacific & the Middle East senior vice president, Con Apostolopoulos said: “ “Partnering with HKTB is a fantastic opportunity to transform the way people think about Hong Kong; showing off its contrasting urban and rural beauty in a new light through the lens of talented photographers and explorers.”