Creative hosts tap Airbnb network

BANGKOK, 21 November 2018:  Like tourism, which now accounts for more than 10% of the world’s global GDP, the creative economy is thriving worldwide.

In Thailand, new Airbnb data shows that there are 2,000 Airbnb hosts in Thailand who work in the creative economy or home sharing sector.

These entrepreneurs, many of whom live in cities and work away from home for extended periods, are embracing digital platforms to help support themselves, fund their passions and showcase their creative work.

Most share their extra living space through Airbnb Homes, setting their own listing prices and keeping 97% of all revenue. In fact, 60% of all creative home hosts globally believe Airbnb helped them afford to stay in their homes.

Others share their passions and craftsmanship by hosting Airbnb Experiences, handcrafted activities for small groups of guests. They set their own listing prices and keep 80% of all revenue earned, while gradually building a following for their creative work.

“Thriving creative communities are essential to vibrant, inclusive economies such as Thailand. Airbnb is proud of the supporting role we play as a technology platform that leverages the growing interest in travel to promote local culture and creativity, while nurturing tourism that is local, authentic and sustainable,” said Airbnb head of public policy for Southeast Asia, Mich Goh.Almost a quarter of all creative Airbnb hosts in Thailand are based in Bangkok. They know the city’s cultural scene, and are eager to share cultural highlights of their city with guests within their very own neighbourhoods.

According to Airbnb’s Healthy Travel and Healthy Destinations 2018 Report for Bangkok, 78% of all Bangkok hosts offered recommendations for cultural activities to their guests.

Half of all cultural activities recommended are located within a 20-minute walk of their listing, encouraging guests to venture beyond popular tourist areas and explore the local, authentic side of Thailand’s neighbourhoods.In addition, one in every five Airbnb Experiences in Thailand is creative-based — rooted in the arts, entertainment, fashion or music.

60% of all Airbnb Experiences hosts in Thailand are women, reflecting the inclusiveness of the sector that also has a strong representation from young people, women and small businesses.

Airbnb became the first travel platform in Thailand to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Thailand Boutique Accommodation Trade Association to bring more than 50 boutique hotels across 15 provinces onto the platform this year. The partnership recognises that creative boutique entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly key role in driving the local tourism ecosystem, and aims to spotlight authentic Thai hospitality, culture and design in boutique hotels.