Expedia campaigns for Indonesia

SINGAPORE, 19 October 2018: Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism has signed off on two tourism cooperation agreements with Brand Expedia, to drive bookings to 15 key destinations in Indonesia.

The deal with Expedia will extend the reach of the country’s Wonderful Indonesia 2018 Campaign that has struggled to gain worldwide attention.

Expedia will spotlight Indonesia’s emerging destinations through direct campaigns and email blasts to its website users, while Indonesia Ministry of Tourism’s website, www.indonesia.travel will gain a seamless link to Expedia booking sites.

Brand Expedia has 200 travel booking websites in more than 70 countries around the world.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism aims to increase  foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia, to achieve 17 million in 2018. However due to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions impacting on Bali, Lombok and most recently Palu in Sulawesi it is unlikely that the country can reach the target.

But Indonesia’s Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, remains confident that the target is achievable if promotions through the Expedia network pay off.

In interviews last week in Jakarta he stressed the importance of better accessibility to tourist destinations

“The secret of success is accessibility,” he told local press on the sidelines of the Tourism Ministry National Meeting in Jakarta, last Wednesday.

He claimed Indonesia was rich in both natural and cultural attractions, and is always in the world’s top 20 in tourism related rankings.

“There are many investors ready to invest in Indonesia, as long as accessibility is there,” he stressed.

“At least 60% of tourists look for direct flights. If we want our destinations to become world-class, we must have more international airports.”

Indonesia targets 17 million foreign tourists this year and 20 million tourists in 2019.  The country welcomed 14 million tourists in 2017.