Europe’s best spots for instagrams

LONDON, 19 October 2018: It had to happen, a ranking of Europe’s top destinations based on how Instagram friendly they appear to be ahead of cheap beer and authentic food qualifications.

Online travel agent, ebookers, has come with the top 25 European destinations for travellers wanting somewhere that will make their Instagram look out of this world.

Ebookers released its  ‘Alternative Holiday Index’ revealing the best places to go last week. 

The data was gathered by asking 2250 tourists to rank key factors on a scale of 1 to 10.

The criteria might raise a few eyebrows?  They had to demonstrate how “Instagrammable” the destinations were as opposed to other social media channels.

Having the cheapest beer on sale was the second most important factor followed by authentic food, good for solo travellers, friendly locals and best nightlife.

The Alternative Holiday Index pointed to the most and least instagrammable countries in Europe.

Switzerland topped the chart as the most instagrammable country and Hungary offered the cheapest beer. According to the index, the Netherlands was ranked best for its nightlife.

Ukraine with a score of just 6.18 was the least instagrammable country according to the data, while Estonia was named the most ‘alternative’ country in Europe combining all ranking factors

Rural Switzerland

Data indicated Switzerland was the most instagrammable country in Europe with a score of 9.1. When breaking this down by city, Bern and Zurich topped the list according to Visit Switzerland.

But many travellers are also keen to visit the rural countryside to get the best instagram pictures. Ennetbürgen is a famous area to visit due to its five-star resorts looking over the Bürgenberg mountain. According to Forbes, Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen is the world’s most famous hotel for its infinity pool.

Croatia in second place with a score of 8.87 was followed by Norway with 8.7.

Alternative Estonia

Known for its untouched nature, medieval architecture, and Nordic food, Estonia is revealed to be home of the best alternative holiday destination in Europe when taking all factors into account.

Located in northern Europe, Estonia was ranked highly for its interesting architecture scoring nine out of 10, which may come as no surprise as Estonia’s capital Tallinn is known as the best-preserved medieval city in northern Europe.

Estonia’s vast woodlands means the country ranked highly within the ‘Natural beauty and exploration’ category with an index score of 10 out of 10.

Estonia also ranked highly for its ‘Instragrammability’ (10/10), authentic high-quality food (10/10), and friendly locals (10/10).

Estonia was followed by Lithuania and Latvia as the best alternative holiday destinations with index scores of 195.6 and 180.9 respectively.

Ebookers GM, Robin Sutherland commented on the research: “At ebookers, we’re seeing increased demand for alternative adventures … as people are looking to experience something a little more unique on their holidays.

Alternative couples destination

Lithuania ranks particularly high for authentic food (9), nature (10) and romantic settings (9), making it the perfect destination for couples in search of outdoor adventure, great food, and cheap beer (9.13).

Situated between Lithuania and Estonia, Latvia ranks highly across the index – with high index scores for interesting architecture (9), arts and culture (8.71), and ‘Instagrammable’ surroundings (8.71).

Going solo

Google trends reveals searches for ‘solo travel’ have increased steadily year-on-year with queries peaking for January this year and more people than ever before considering an adventure of a lifetime on their own.

The new research by ebookers questioned solo travellers on each location’s suitability for travelling alone with a key focus on safety and relevant activities.

Estonia is again the highest rated country in Europe for those looking to explore the world on their own.

Explore the full Alternative Holiday Index here:

(Source: ebookers)