Wedding planners meet in Goa


BANGALORE, 7 September, 2018: Dealing with pain points in the business of wedding logistics and how to pamper millennials surfaced as key topics at the 6th edition of Exotic Wedding Planning Conference hosted recently in Goa, India’s top beach destination for romance travel.

The conference took place at the Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa.

The two-day event attracted 150 wedding planners from more than 65 countries.

Topics focused on celebrity weddings, the logistics of hosting mega weddings, fine tuning the decorations and mood lighting and dealing with the challenges of online vendor directories.

An experts’ panel on ‘Managing wedding planning logistics’ stressed the need to “bust the pain points to offer a seamless execution of weddings.”

Even issues related to the environment gained an airing. Just how does a wedding planner recycle decorations keeping them fresh and relevant for more than one client? In the long run it saves resources and makes the business more environmentally friendly by reducing the prolific waste that the wedding industry produces, the audience of wedding specialists were told.

Experts looked at trends and predictably it included how to mollycoddle millennials by engaging them on social media platforms.

Sessions looked at how technology could be used to gain business momentum by bridging analytics with the right kind of engagement to achieving better results.


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