Smiling Albino on WOW list

BANGKOK, 17 September 2018: Smiling Albino, a leading Asian luxury travel supplier, reports its founder, Daniel Fraser, has been named to a trusted list of travel experts worldwide.

Fraser was named to the Wendy Perrin’s 2018 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts a distinction that Smiling Albino says will draw more luxury travellers planning holidays to its website.

“Many travellers have found us because of Wendy Perrin, whose annual WOW List remains the definitive resource for sophisticated travellers seeking the world’s best destination specialists,” the agency said in its recent post to partners.

Wendy Perrin described the company as “the most well-connected travel fixers and custom itinerary designers.”

Smiling Albino’s Fraser adds “it’s great to see us in the same company as all these outstanding travel mavens on Wendy Perrin’s WOW list. We’re in superb company, and it’s a great honour!”

In Perrin’s blurb on the trusted travel expert in Thailand she describes “Fraser as a celebrity in Thailand and host of several TV shows… this Thai-speaking Canadian got his start in Asia working as a (communications consultant in the office of a Thai royal) more than 20 years ago. With that celebrity comes the ability to open all sorts of doors in the country that others can’t (private lunches in the homes of famous architects and designers, exclusive tours of Bangkok’s underground art scene), either as a stand-alone half-day excursion or as part of a soup-to-nuts multi-day itinerary.”

(Source: Smiling Albino/Wendy Perrin)