Fashion fix for Indian travellers

MUMBAI, 11 September 2018: Looking fashionable and at your best is a priority for Indian travellers according to a study released Monday.

The findings of its latest study, Fashion Fix, links fashion with travel and shows that today’s Indian traveller considers fashion an important part of their travel experience.

The research has been conducted among 21,500 respondents across 29 countries and included 1,000 respondents in India.

The study states that 78% of Indian travellers consider looking their best to be an important aspect while on vacation.

The relative anonymity that travelling brings allows them to experiment, thus inspiring 82% of travellers to change their personal style after a vacation.

Furthermore, 71% of travellers care more about their physical appearance, while on vacation when compared to staying at home.

Substantiating this, the study also highlights that 55% of travellers would rather spend their money on a vacation wardrobe than on trip activities.

Commenting on the release of the study country manager India, Ritu Mehrotra said: “The all pervasive nature of fashion has influenced travel tastes and preferences of the present-day traveller, blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary ways of travelling, as the tourists become more fashion conscious.”

Packing perfection

According to the study, two out of every five Indian travellers find packing an exciting part of the trip. Even so, packing the right clothes has been the top travel worry for 56% of respondents.

The study also highlights that 69% of the Indian travellers pack their vacation wardrobe with a focus on social media, since the photos taken will be posted online.

The same category reflects highly for millennials at 76%. Some of the most common time consuming categories includes packing for beach trips (taking the longest) as stated by 49% respondents, tailed by packing for city vacations at 41%.

Lastly, the most common packing mistake often made by travellers is ‘packing too much’, with 42% of them agreeing to it.

Look good, feel great

A little over half (51%) of the surveyed respondents credited their vacation wardrobe for their confidence, making the two directly proportional to each other. The study also points out how two out of every three Indian travellers want to dress better than their companions when on vacation.

Moreover, 57% of the travellers agreed to have opted for brighter and more colourful outfits for their vacations when compared to their casual ‘at home’ wardrobe.

Picking the right location

The report indicates that majority of Indian travellers (77%) choose their travel destination based on their interest in shopping or fashion. The study further recognizes Mumbai among the most noted fashion capitals sharing the space with Las Vegas at 34%.

The research was commissioned by and independently conducted among 21,500 respondents. It included 1,000 each from Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Brazil, India, US, UK Russia, Indonesia, Colombia and South Korea.  Also included 500 each from Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, Taiwan, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore and Israel.

Respondents completed an online survey between 13  to 17 July.