Thailand hosts China’s insurance event


KUNMING, 16 August 2018: The annual awards presentation for a Chinese trade association representing insurance companies will convene in Bangkok next year.

The annual International Dragon Awards are an offshoot of the World Chinese Insurance Conference a biennial event established in 1996.

The two events were hosted last week in Kunming side-by-side when the flag was handed over to Thailand to host the IDA event, 10 to 13 August, at Bangkok’s Impact exhibition hall.

The World Chinese Insurance Conference represents the interests of 14,000 Chinese financial insurance firms and when it is held in conjunction with the IDA awards it attracts around 7,000 delegates.

As a standalone event IDA was last hosted in Melbourne Australia in 2017 when 5,500 insurance executives attended.

The Thailand event is likely to attract around 6,000 delegates and earn an estimated USD20 million for the country.


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